Goodbye to Miller’s!

Today was my last day working at Miller’s Landing in Bass Lake. I’m so sad to say goodbye to all the wonderful people I’ve met here, but so incredibly grateful for everything they’ve done for me and the experiences we shared. I couldn’t be more happy! Now I’m off to Lake Powell for a family trip–I just can’t get enough water and sunshine this summer!


The Beldish – By Carly Jaeger – A “Jabberwocky” Inspired Poem

Falling down the rabbit hole,

your knees you scrape and cut.

You plug your ears with your fingers,

blocking the cries of the wailing Tut Tut.

A mischievous creature who invades your brain,

stealing your memories and smoothing its terrain.

Farther you fall into the wigglewome

cutting through dimensions and into your home.

A cave made of crystals that glow all year round,

a treasure you’ve cloaked so it cannot be found

by those greedy humans, so conniving and selfish.

In the water beside you, swims your guardian Beldish.

A beautiful creature who cries for the moon,

her moans and sorrows will make you swoon.

A master temptress, indeed she may be,

but the only company beneath the roots of the giving tree.

Her heart is made of brass, her eyes made of glass,

a fearsome creature who will end you in a single singslash.

A musical note sung so high pitched, a slave to her you’ll become,

in love and bewitched.

Only the pollen from a zipzorp can save you then,

inhale it through your nostrils to escape her crystal den!Cave of the Crystals Chihuahua Mexico 12


Summertime Changes

This summer I decided to make a rather big change, I moved to Bass Lake, California, about 5 hours north of my home in Los Angeles. I currently work at Millers Landing, a fantastic business on the southern shore of the lake. I waited until now to make a blog because, well, before now I didn’t have any real experiences or stories worth writing about. In addition to posting personal works, I will also be uploading short stories or updates in regard to my life here in the mountains!