The Beldish – By Carly Jaeger – A “Jabberwocky” Inspired Poem

Falling down the rabbit hole,

your knees you scrape and cut.

You plug your ears with your fingers,

blocking the cries of the wailing Tut Tut.

A mischievous creature who invades your brain,

stealing your memories and smoothing its terrain.

Farther you fall into the wigglewome

cutting through dimensions and into your home.

A cave made of crystals that glow all year round,

a treasure you’ve cloaked so it cannot be found

by those greedy humans, so conniving and selfish.

In the water beside you, swims your guardian Beldish.

A beautiful creature who cries for the moon,

her moans and sorrows will make you swoon.

A master temptress, indeed she may be,

but the only company beneath the roots of the giving tree.

Her heart is made of brass, her eyes made of glass,

a fearsome creature who will end you in a single singslash.

A musical note sung so high pitched, a slave to her you’ll become,

in love and bewitched.

Only the pollen from a zipzorp can save you then,

inhale it through your nostrils to escape her crystal den!Cave of the Crystals Chihuahua Mexico 12