Uh Oh! Here Comes a Rant! #1

Hey “guys” (quotations around guys because I’m just assuming at least two people will see this, or I hope so). I’ve arrived back home and started school again since I last posted, it’s very hard for me to commit to something. I appear to have acquired the dreadful gift of the inability to make habits. Heres what I mean:

Everything has pretty much turned to garbage since the school year started. I don’t have a job anymore (duh, I had to leave the best job ever to come back home) and it has been really hard finding a new one. Also, I stopped working out so my once smoking hot bod is now mediocre at best, which is all my fault (remember when I said it’s nearly impossible for me to make positive habits?). In addition to this, over the past few days alone my grades have started dropping, which again, is all my fault. In fact, I’m supposed to be doing an AP Psychology assignment at this very moment.

This past weekend, my school closed their first fall show of the year. I was the Assistant Stage Manager for our production of 12 Angry Jurors and it went very well despite all of my stress crying (for oh so many reasons) on closing night. Since then, I’ve cried at least once a day. It’s been five days. Someone send help. I’m not even crying because I’m sad, it just starts happening. I’ll be hanging out, doing some shopping in Target, and all the sudden the waterworks start going. A very kind older woman even asked me if I was okay before I noticed that I had started crying again. Anyway, like this post if you’re pretty wrecked too, or if you can at least sympathize with it!Screen Shot 2017-07-01 at 10.38.01 PM


Author: Carly's Life!

Trying to find some cool new ways to get creative and pass the time.

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